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Our background

We are a micro-brewery with big passion. We have been producing craft beers for just over 2 years now. We come from humble beginnings in a small piggery in one of the founders’ gardens. After navigating our way through the pandemic, in October 2021 we took the plunge to expand so we could get more people drinking the beer we love making. We moved to a beautiful new premises, Prettyfields Vineyard in Ardleigh, which we share with the vineyard and a farm shop.

Our beer

We have recently crafted a core range of beers comprising of Craft Lager, New England Pale Ale, and Hazy IPA. All are vegan friendly and made from organic ingredients. Our beers are all handmade using only the very best ingredients. The beers are also unfiltered which leaves in all those lovely natural flavours.

Our Values

In our constant efforts to pursue sustainability we recycle our spent grain by donating it to local farmers to use as cattle feed and to local market gardeners for use as compost. It is also from our local farmers we recently sourced all the rhubarb and strawberries for our rhubarb and strawberry sour.

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Core Beers

Craft Lager

Craft Lager - 4.7%

Core Beers

Hazy Ipa

hazy ipa - 5.3%